According to Ayurvedic science there are two main causes for depression-Imbalance in the three doshas such as Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.
Lack of awareness of one’s deeper, inner Self.

In Most of the depression cases, kapha imbalance is mainly seen. Initially the brain’s electrochemistry goes into an erratic overreaction by vata imbalance. This triggers a loss of enzymatic activity in the metabolism which establishes a pitta imbalance. Kapha acts by trying to let everything down, bringing in heaviness, darkness, and stagnation in mind. Eventually mind interprets this chain reactions as a negative message of hopelessness and leads to depression.

The ayurvedic methods of treating depression includes treatment like Sneha panam, (A pre requiste module for cleansing treatments) Vamanam (Emesis) shiro dhara , thakra dhara. Shiro lepanam etc. Ayurveda offers very effective indvidulised treatments for depression without negative effects and a promising possibility of prevention. It promotes higher levels of psychological health and mindset.

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