Oedema is characterized by the swelling in the body following an injury or inflammation. The condition occurs due to the additional fluid build-up in the tissues. Even though it can affect any part of the body, occurrence is most common in legs and hands. Deficiency of albumin, allergy, blood clot, health conditions affecting heart and liver, head injury, pregnancy, etc. can result oedema.

Following are 10 home remedies that help manage oedema.

Green tea – The diuretic properties of the green tea speeds up the process of metabolizing the extra fluids in the body. Drink green tea mixed with honey twice or thrice daily for the above said benefits.
Turmeric – The anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties of the compound curcumin in turmeric is therapeutic to the swelling and pain associated with the condition. Mix turmeric in a glass of warm water or milk and drink it or apply the paste of turmeric and water in the affected area every morning and night for relief.
Flax seeds – A rich source of omega 3 fatty acids which help eliminate toxins from the body, flax seeds help treat oedema by addressing the root cause of the condition. Mix crushed flax seeds in a glass of warm water and drink it twice daily.
Mustard oil – The medicinal and health benefits associated with mustard help improve blood circulation while also relieving oedema-related pain. Massage warm mustard oil on the affected area twice daily.
Coriander seeds – The seeds are rich in potassium which has diuretic as well as anti-inflammatory properties that help treat oedema. Boil water with coriander seeds and reduce the mixture to half the quantity. Strain the water and drink it for relief.
Ginger – The compounds in ginger contain anti-inflammatory and medicinal properties which treats the symptoms of oedema. Water boiled with a small piece of ginger or chewing a piece of ginger or drinking warm milk mixed with a teaspoon of dried ginger powder is considered beneficial.
Castor oil – It can stimulate blood flow and promote healing of skin. The swelling and inflammation that accompanies oedema can be treated with the anti-inflammatory properties in it. Massage castor oil on the affected areas to reduce swelling.
Epsom salt bath – The salt is beneficial for reducing any swelling or inflammation in the body. Dissolve epsom salt in bath water and soak and relax in it or mix epsom salt in a bucket of warm water and soak swollen legs in it.
Massage Massaging is an effective method for boosting blood circulation in the body which in turn treats oedema. Use essential oils or coconut oil for gently massaging the affected area.
Hot and cold compresses – When a hot compress is applied on the affected part, it promotes blood flow that reduces the pain and inflammation. And when a cold compress is applied, it numbs the affected area to reduce the swelling.
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