For many, gaining weight is a huge deal. And there are certain prominent regions like thighs, hips and waist that can easily attract more fat accumulation than the other regions.

At times, Lower-body fat in your thighs, hips, and buttocks could also be more than just a cosmetic nuisance; it could be a sign of a larger medical condition. So it becomes very important that we focus on these areas first.

Here are few yoga moves that will lengthen and strengthen your legs effectively and have you feeling great about putting them on display.


This asana will require immense stamina and you may experience pain in your legs in the initial first practices. However, by doing it regularly, you will gain flexibility and the pain will soon fade away –

• Start by standing with your feet together.
• While inhaling, raise your hands over your head.
• Moreover, bend your knees slightly and dip into a squat while exhalation.
• Remain in this position for 30-60 seconds and again come back to the standing position.
• Beginners can do it for ten times and increase the counts as you get into practice.
• Chair pose is really helpful because it strengthens your thigh muscles and tones down the extra fat.


This pose increases your stamina like a warrior and strengthens your legs too.

• Stand straight with your feet apart.
• Now shift your left foot to the side such that there is a three to four feet distance between both the legs.
• Keeping your left foot straight; rotate it to your left side entirely where your right foot rotates slightly.
• Now spin your torso to your left side making sure your legs are in the same position.
• Bend the knee of your left leg; carry your torso forward to the left side where you raise both your hands above your head in a Namaste.
• Breathe here for 5 deep breaths. Repeat on the other side.


• Start off by standing in Warrior pose position.
• Now gently arch your torso backwards and place your left hand over the back of your left leg.
• Raise the right hand over your head and hold for five breaths while repeating with the other side.


• Lie down with your back on the ground with stretched legs and bend your legs at the knees with your feet grounded.
• Place your hands by your side with palms facing the ground.
• Now lift up your hips off the ground towards the ceiling, letting your hands and feet to be on the ground.
• Hold this position by lifting your hands over your head.
• To bring a little variation to this asana, lift up one of your legs in the air, hold it for some time, and repeat it with the other leg too.


• Sit on the floor with your knees bent so that both the soles of your feet are facing each other.
• Keep your spine elongated ensuring that your posture is straight.
• Press the soles of your feet together and hold this pose for a minute.


• Lie down with your belly on the ground and place hands by your side with palms facing the ceiling.
• As you inhale, lift up your legs and your upper torso and support yourself on the abdomen.
• Hold this position for a few breaths and then release.

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