In Ayurveda, Ama is the undigested toxic residue that is created by the impaired
Agni or digestive fire.
Described in ancient texts as the underlying cause of many health issues,
accumulation of ama blocks channels that carry essential nutrients to every part
of the body. And when ama spreads into deeper tissues, it leads to weakened
immunity, lack of strength and sluggishness.
The process of eliminating Ama should support the body’s natural and
physiological detoxification process and is vital for boosting metabolism,
improving digestive capacity and enhancing tissue nutrition.
Here are 6 tips to avoid Ama build up in the body –
1. Healthy Diet
A healthy diet is mandatory to keep the digestive fire alive which will
efficiently reduce ama build up. An ama pacifying diet should include pungent,
bitter and astringent tastes, green leafy vegetables, whole grains and spicy teas
over sweet and salty tastes, processed grains, dairy and iced drinks. Over eating
and irregular eating habits should be avoided to manage Ama.
2. Fasting
Along with proper diet, occasional fasting is also helpful in eliminating Ama.
When fasting, the digestive system is at rest and the body uses up the energy to
eliminate impurities and repair the system. It also improves appetite and
revitalizes digestion and clears up the channels of the body.
3. Sweating
Warming the body and inducing perspiration loosens Ama’s grip in the tissues
and moves it into the digestive tract so that it can eliminated. Ayurvedic therapy
Swedana is helpful in inducing sweating that flushes out the toxins.
4. Therapeutic herbs
Consuming herbs that can kindle the digestive fire is helpful in reducing Ama.
Most of these herbs are essentially the common household spices like cumin,
cinnamon, fennel, fresh and dried ginger, nutmeg, mustards, garlic, black
pepper and coriander.
5. Yoga

Yoga is beneficial as it stretches and wrings out the tissues that may have
accumulated Ama. Practicing yoga every day is said to be remarkably
transformative for bringing down Ama Accumulation.
6. Pranayama
Imbibing prana or the life force into the tissues is helpful in eliminating Ama.
Taking several relaxing and deep breaths calms the system and infuses prana
into every cell and tissue, while also cleanses the body of toxins.

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