Heart health holds significant influence in our holistic health. The fact that any disorders or ailment to one of the most prominent organ in the body can impact life itself steers ourselves to finding a long term solution for prevention of heart diseases. The ancient wisdom of yoga holds answers to many of the worrisome queries of the modern world regarding the heart. Through postures and breathing exercises, yoga can lower blood pressure, increase lung capacity, lower bad cholesterol levels, boost circulation and improve heart health, while also acting as a preventive in heart ailments.
Here are 6 yoga asanas to combat heart problems.
Tadasana – Also called the mountain pose, this asana helps strengthen the vertebral column while also expanding the lungs.
Method – Stand erect and align your feet and heels for them to touch each other. Lift your hands above your head and join them in namaste. Inhale deeply and stretch your body upwards.
Utkatasana – In the chair pose, you can feel the increase in heart and respiration rate. The posture also stretches the chest and stimulates the heart.
Method – Stand erect with your feet slightly apart. Stretch your hands to the front with palms facing downwards while not bending the elbows. Bend the knees and gently push the pelvis down as if sitting in an imaginary chair.
Vrikshasana – The tree pose broadens the shoulders and opens the heart while also helping in developing a firm and balanced posture.
Method – Stand erect with arms by your side. Bend your right knee and place the right foot high up on your left thigh. Find your balance, take a deep breath in raise your hands over your head and bring it to a namaste. Release the position and repeat the same with left foot on right thigh.
Setu Bandhanasana – The bridge pose improves blood flow to the chest, stretches the spine and chest and facilitates deep breathing.
Method – Lie down on your back with hands stretched sideways. Fold your knees, spread them out and raise your body from the pelvis area with support from your hands.
Bhujangasana – The cobra pose stretches the chest and strengthens the heart.
Method – Lie down on your stomach with your hands next to your side. Push your body upwards with support from hands. Feel the stretch in your abdomen and concentrate USDA Certified Essential Oils on your breathing.
Dhanurasana – The bow pose is stimulating and it makes the whole body flexible while also opening up and strengthening the heart region.
Method – Lie on your stomach with your feet apart and arms by your side. Fold your knees, take your hands backwards and hold your ankles. Lift your chest off the ground breathing in and pull your legs up and back. Keep the pose stable while concentrating on your breath.

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