Today’s hectic lifestyle coupled with unhealthy food habits and the excessive intake of fast foods and processed foods have made many victims of indigestion and associated digestive issues. A healthy diet is vital for maintain a healthy digestive system which enhances nutrient absorption and strengthens the immunity.

Here are seven foods that help improve digestion and promotes good digestive health.


Packed with vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, apples are ideal for promoting digestive health. The antioxidant property of the fruit help reduce the damage and inflammation to the digestive organs. Apples also enhances digestion due to the presence of pectin which promotes the growth of good bacteria in the stomach.


Cucumber possess high fiber as well as water content which is beneficial in preventing constipation and aiding in smooth bowel movements. The antioxidants in cucumber also prevent toxic accumulation which can cause indigestion and stomach infections.


Papaya contains elements that have antimicrobial properties and also help in digestion by breaking down the food. It is also a rich source of Vitamins A, B and C which aid in eliminating toxins for promoting digestive health.


Rich in fiber and pectin, bananas help improve bowel movement while also aiding in digesting carbohydrates. Adding a banana daily to your diet either in breakfast or as a smoothie is highly beneficial.


Ginger is highly recommended for digestive health. It also has a positive effect on enzymes that help break down fast and proteins. Chew a small piece of ginger with little salt in the morning or add ginger to fruit juices or food to include it in your diet.


Cumin possesses antioxidant and antimicrobial properties and is also an appetite stimulant. The phytochemical thymol in cumin help stimulate secretion of acids, bile and enzymes which promote healthy digestion. Also, the essential oils, sodium and magnesium in cumin aid in relieving stomach ache.


Fennel helps treat common digestive issues like indigestion, flatulence, bloating, stomach ache, etc. Fennel seeds also help stimulate secretion of digestive juices which aids in nutrient absorption. The compound found in fennel seeds help relax the lining of digestive tract and help cleanse the colon.



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