krishnendu Ayurveda rated Best Ayurveda Slimming Clinic in Kerala, India 

Krishnendu has a tradition since 1908, and run by a 4th generation ayurveda doctors.And has been rated as one of the best centres in India to provide slimming solutions by offering a harmonious blend of the latest scientific technologies along with traditional ayurveda techniques and also nutritional and lifestyle Counselling and thus provides result in a very natural and healthy way and has Absolutely no compromise on  quality.

Only high quality ayurveda medicines are prepared utilising authentic and traditional  formulae passed down from generations.

The main treatment for obesity consists of  


Weight loss programs focused only at lowering your weight,only  offer short term solutions to dealing with weight loss. Only a permanent change in lifestyle can lead to lifelong wellness.

Krishnendu helps a complete turnaround in lifestyle that helps you to make healthier choices.  After a  physicians consultation,he  analyzes the complete medical background of individuals in order to achieve effective and sustained weight loss.


 The centre has its own ayurvedic cafeteria which provides nutritious and healthy veg /Non veg food.Special individualised diet shall be prescribed after a detailed consultation with the doctor.

Physical exercise-

The centre has Yoga sessions daily at 7am which helps for the body and mind  wellbeing. Then there is a multi gym  where a physio therapist shall explain the different exercise you should follow depending up on your built and strength.

The centre has a swimming pool where special Aquatic exercise is carried out,this is very effective  you will not only  receive a great cardio workout, but you might be surprised by the strength training benefits you can gain from using the water as resistance.

A walking trail is also there at the centre in which 5 rounds make a kilometre, can utilise it accordingly.

Ayurveda Therapy –

The Centre provide specialised ayurvedic treatments externally as well as internally.

Internally which helps to  regulate the body metabolism and 

Externally with specialised therapeutic massages to reduce cellulite  and tone up the muscles.

Spot Reduction which helps in inch loss over abdomen,thigh,arms etc  as well as weight loss.Using international equipments which is non invasive and proven with no side effects.

Acupressure is also available which helps stimulate weightless.This is carried out Internationally  trained therapists.

We at krishnendu has treated more than 1000 obesity cases successfully.

with all the 6 parameters mentioned above a very scientific and systematic weight loss is attained with less rebound effects and there by helps in leading a leading a happy, healthy and stress free life.

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