Tonsillitis – Ayurvedic Management & Home Remedies

Tonsils are a pair of soft tissue masses located at the back of the throat and they constitute a part of the lymphatic system and is responsible for fighting foreign pathogens inhaled or ingested. Tonsillitis condition is defined as the inflammation of tonsils in response to the invasion of bacteria or virus. Ayurvedic Understanding of [...]

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All you need to know about Asthma and its Management in Ayurveda

Asthma is an inflammatory condition of the respiratory system in which the airways are narrowed with swelling and the accumulation of mucus resulting in wheezing, shortness of breath and coughing. The inflammation occurs in response to an allergen, cold air, excessive physical exertion or emotional stress. Ayurvedic understanding of Asthma Condition Asthma is known as [...]

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Top 5 Benifits of Honey

Honey is a wonder medicine whose uses have been discovered and re-discovered since ages. It’s a substance that can bring about incredible results even when consumed in its pristine form. Honey’s significance in human history is understood by its depiction in the Stone- Age paintings. The miraculous properties of honey hail from its composition, It [...]

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top 5 Home Remedies to Balance your digestive system

Here are 5 Ayurvedic home remedies to follow for balancing your Agni (Digestive fire) and strengthening your Digestive system - 1. Lemon and Ginger Cut ginger into small strips, mix it with lemon juice and some salt and keep the mixture refrigerated. Eat one or two strips of soaked ginger before every meal, this will [...]

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Ayurvedic treatment for frozen shoulder

Frozen Shoulder and its Management in Ayurveda Frozen shoulder, otherwise called ‘adhesive capsulitis’, is a condition that limits the free movement of the shoulder. It develops gradually as tissues around the joint become rigid & stiff, and scar tissues are formed making the movement of the shoulder extremely painful. Frozen shoulder is an occurrence most [...]

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Top 9 Uses of Pumpkin Seeds

From boosting immunity to helping ensure good sleep, pumpkin seeds offer many potential health benefits. The small wonder is called a nutritional powerhouse because of its numerous health-enhancing nutrients and antioxidants. Here are 9 potential health benefits of the superfood according to Ayurveda - 1. Good for Heart Health Rich in magnesium, many antioxidants and [...]

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Best Ayurveda Beauty tips

Keep Your Skin Beautiful & Glowing the Ayurvedic Way MEET THE MIRACLE HERB – MINT “The Aromatic & Cooling Herb,” Peppermint leaves are one effective herb which is been used in Ayurveda for over many centuries known for its miraculous healing effects and medicinal values. The leaves are very popular for its pretty shape, amazing [...]

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Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Stress

MANAGING STRESS AND ANXIETY WITH AYURVEDA Stress and Anxiety is a common word in today’s life! Present-day hectic schedules, deadlines, demands and pressures, irrespective of ages has resulted in undue stress and strain. The difficulty arises when this stress becomes persistent and starts interfering with our daily life. This then becomes an anxiety disorder, a [...]

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Varicose Veins And Its Management in Ayurveda

  Varicose veins or varicoses triggered by weak valves in the veins of the legs, refers to a condition wherein your veins become swollen, dilated and overfilled with blood. The condition is generally caused by excessive pressure and burden on the legs or the abdomen. All veins have one-way valves to ensure that the blood [...]

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6 Top Herbs in Ayurveda for Good Health

Herbs in Ayurveda encompasses several therapeutic properties that is extremely good for both mind and body. Incorporating these herbs in your daily diet will not only help boosting your immunity levels but also will help healing ailments. The herbs positively affects one or all of the three doshas viz. Vata, Kapha, Pitta; and are considered [...]

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