Hanumanasana or the Monkey Pose is an intense yoga posture named after the giant leap made by Lord Hanuman to reach Lanka from India in the Indian epic Ramayana. The posture mainly helps developing flexibility of the leg muscles and hips.
1. Kneel down on the floor, legs kept slightly apart. Now stretch the right leg forward, raise the inner sole, the outer heel should be touching the ground and breathe in.
2. Exhale as you slowly bend your torso forward, touch the floor with your fingertips.
3. Move the left knee backward till the front part of the knee and the foot touches the ground. Meanwhile stretch your right leg completely forward such that it touches the ground.
4. Come to a split position. Your right foot should point upwards and the left foot should touch the ground.
5. Now, lift your arms over the head and join the palms together. Stretch your arms and arch backwards gently until you are comfortable.
6. Breathe normally and remain in that position for about 30-60 seconds or as long as you are comfortable.
7. Release the posture by transferring the body weight to hands, press both hands on the floor firmly and bring back both legs to the initial position.
8. Repeat the asana, putting your left leg forward and right leg backward.

• Strengthen the muscles in the thighs, groin region, and hamstrings
• Makes the hips extremely flexible with regular practise
• Relieves stress and tension
• Stretches the back muscles
• Improves the functioning of digestive organs
• Increases blood circulation
• Improves body’s balance and stability

Note: Do not practise this pose if you are suffering from any injuries, especially in the hamstring or groin area. Also, don’t push your body beyond its limits, be slow and gentle when you practise this pose. It is advised to do some simple stretching and hip-opening exercises before attempting this pose.

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