Facial palsy, also called Bell’s palsy or facial paralysis is the complete loss of voluntary functions or paralysis of one side of the face resulted from the damage to the facial nerve. It is considered as an idiopathic condition as there is no specific cause or explanation.

Clinical features of facial palsy

Loss of functions that are carried out by facial muscles and nerves
Dropping of the face to one side
Numbness or pain in head, nose, cheeks, eyes, forehead, etc.
Deviation of neck to one side
Pain in corresponding joints

Ayurvedic definition of facial paralysis

Facial palsy is referred to as Ardita in Ayurveda and is defined as the condition caused by vitiated Vatalodged in the corresponding nerves, arteries and veins of the face declining their functioning.

Predominant symptoms of facial paralysis according to Ayurveda,

Shivering of head
Stuttering or difficulty in speech
Discomfort in eyes, nose and mouth
Numbness or pain in head, nose, eyes, lips, cheeks, forehead, etc.
Stiffness of neck muscles and jaw
Lacrimation or flow of tears
Loss of tactile sensation in affected area
Improper sleep

Ayurvedic treatments for facial palsy

Ayurveda suggests herbal medications as well as therapies to treat aggravated Vata, strengthen the nerves, improve blood circulation and recovery of facial muscle strength. Panchakarma is strongly recommended to detoxify the body and therapies like Abhyangam, Swedana, Snehapanam, Virechanam, Pizhichil, Vasti, etc. are advised.

Nasyam – Nasal administration of medicines is one among the 5 therapies of Panchakarma. It lubricatesthe nasal passages and is considered effective in treating diseases pertaining to head. It aims to flush out the toxins from neck and head region and strengthen the sensory organs.

Shirovasthi Lukewarm herbal oil is retained on the head for a specific amount of time to stimulate specific points on the head that is effective for treating facial palsy. It is also indicated for migraine, insomnia, cervical spondylosis etc.

Shirodhara – Medicated oil is poured gently on the forehead in a continuous stream to relax the nervous system and treat nervous disorders like facial palsy and Parkinson’s and also other conditions such as insomnia, migraine, memory loss, hearing impairment, etc.

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