Nasyam Treatment – Importance & Benefits
Nasyam or Nasya karma is a treatment in the Panchakarma therapy mentioned in Ayurveda. It is an Ayurvedic detoxification therapy which involves application of herbal oils and liquid medicines through nostrils. Since nose is the gateway to the most precious asset of a human body, head, the therapy is highly effective in curing a number of diseases and ailments.
The treatment not only helps in removing toxins from the head, neck, brain, eyes, ear, nose and throat region, but also helps in bestowing a much needed nourishment and immunity to these vital parts.
Here are some key benefits of the Nasyam treatment –

• Improves health of sensory organs
• Clears sinus congestion and removes toxins from head and neck
• Helps relieve hoarseness of voice and pains in nose and throat
• Provides relief from headaches and migraines
• Improves Rhinitis or runny rose and clears blocked nasal passage
• Relieves mental and emotional stress and anxiety
• Strengthen hair and prevents grey hair
• Prevents goiter, tonsillitis and motor disorders
• Stimulates brain and improves concentration
• Tones vision & Reduces Ear infections
• Improves skin tone and slows down ageing

Types of Nasya
Pradhamana Nasya – In this Nasya Karma,dry powders are blown into the nose to treat diseases caused by kapha disorder like headache, heaviness in the head, cold, hoarseness of voice, nasal congestion and sinusitis. It is also effective for curing chronic diseases like cervical lymph and tumours.
Brumhana Nasya – In this treatment, ghee, oils, salt, medicated ghee, etc. is used to cure vata-type of disorders like headaches, migraine, dry nose, nervousness, anxiety, etc. Brumhana Nasya is also best for stiffness in the neck, dry sinuses, bursitis, heaviness of eyelids and loss of sense of smell.
Shamana Nasya – Herbal medicated decoctions, teas and medicated oils are administered to treat pitta-type disorders like conjunctivitis, thinning of hair and ringing in the ears.
Navana Nasya – It is the common type of Nasya performed and is used for treating kapha-pitta and vata-pitta disorders.
Marshya Nasya – For this treatment, ghee or oil is administered to treat uneasiness due to a particular disease.
Pratimarshya – In this Nasya, the nasal passage is lubricated and massaged with the clean little finger inserted into the nostril after dipping it in ghee or oil. Pratimarshya is great for relieving stress and to open up deep nasal tissues.

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