From the circulation of blood to movement inside digestive system to the functioning of nervous system, Vata regulates the flow of motion in our body. It also governs the movement of the other doshas pitta and kapha in the body and so it is important to keep vata in balance.
Balanced vata is beneficial for alert mind, digestive health, blood circulation and an even body temperature. When vata is imbalanced, it results in feeling cold at room temperature, lack of focus, occasional constipation, anxiety and worry.
Here are some tips to keep Vata in balance for a healthy body –
1. Stay warm
A warm and cozy ambience is recommended to keep vata in balance. When feeling cold, resort to cover up your body in layers of warm clothing or drinking warm beverages. A traditional full body oil massage is also ideal to balance vata.
2. Keep calm
Meditating and staying calm are important to help balance vata. Following a regular daily routine will keep the body refreshed, while being stress-free calms down the nervous system for soothing the vata dosha.
3. Balance Digestion
Proper digestion and regular bowel movements are key in balancing vata. When digestion is imbalanced, it can result in intestinal cramps, occasional diarrhoea, constipation and gas.
4. Regular meals and nourishment
Eating meals at regular intervals everyday reduces the tendencies of vata imbalance. Also, avoid cold and frozen food, pungent and bitter tastes. Warm and cooked foods and sweet, sour and salty flavours, and oily foods help balance vata.
5. Yoga and Meditation
Yoga help massage and loosen joints and muscles which releases nervous tension and thereby calming vata. Practicing meditation calms both mind and body which in turn has a positive effect on vata.
6. Rest well
Proper resting and unwinding is crucial for the body to manage vata. Leisure activities like listening to music, reading or just simply relaxing calms the body. As vital is sound sleep for a refreshed body proper bodily functions, it is also key in regulating vata,

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