Honey is a wonder medicine whose uses have been discovered and re-discovered since ages. It’s a substance that can bring about incredible results even when consumed in its pristine form. Honey’s significance in human history is understood by its depiction in the Stone- Age paintings. The miraculous properties of honey hail from its composition, It contains more than 200 substances, including amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, sugars and a lot more.
Honey, a salient element of Ayurveda is now undergoing diverse experiments world – wide to be used in modern medicine. The following are a few among the countless benefits of honey to mankind.
1. Instant energy
Honey contains different kinds of sugar molecules, especially glucose and fructose. These sugars are responsible for releasing energy, glucose is very easily absorbed by the body compared to fructose, but both give instant energy to the body. The energy released boosts endurance and reduces muscle fatigue; these qualities of honey make it a perfect component of diet for athletes and people engaging in physical exercise.
2. Boosts immunity
Its anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties help the body fight many diseases including fatal ones like cancer and heart disorders. The concentration of antioxidants varies with the floral sources of honey. For example, darker honey most often has more antioxidants than lighter honey. It also cleanses and builds up your digestive system giving you optimal health. Honey is also used as a natural anti-septic and hence treats wounds and leg ulcers.
3. Enhances complexion
Honey has a hygroscopic nature, meaning it is capable of absorbing moisture from air and thus when applied on the skin keeps it hydrated. Honey is also a natural cleanser that exfoliates skin to bring out radiance and glow. Its anti-oxidant properties prevent the skin cells from damage and also supplies nutrients to the skin promoting the growth of new tissue. In short, honey protects your skin and keeps it rejuvenated always.
4. A safe sweetener
Honey is the most widely used natural sweetener, as mentioned before contains different kinds of sugars making it a sweetener far safer than white sugar to consume. Prevention should be taken though as a tablespoon of honey contains about 63 calories. Honey also contains Dextrin, a starchy fibre which aids in balancing blood sugar levels.
5. Helps to lose weight
Though honey is rich in calories, it also contains 22 amino acids, good amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals; their presence makes honey get metabolized better. Generally, accumulated fat results in bulkiness and over- weight, honey is said to have the ability to mobilize the fat stored in the body. Consumption of honey with warm water and lime is recommended to burn this stored fat to provide energy used for your daily activities. This way, a regular course of honey would help to reduce weight. On top of that, honey has been proven to increase the levels of good cholesterol in the body and reduce cardiovascular strain leading to a healthy life.
6. Improves sleep
Every organ in human body follows a cycle to repair the damages. Liver mends itself during 1 a. m. and 3 a. m. for which it requires high amount of glycogen. Though liver stores glycogen for the night, it would have been used up by the time liver comes in to action resulting in a search for the fuel and thus insomnia. Consuming raw honey before sleep ensures an additional supply of glycogen to the liver, smoothening its functions and hence a sound sleep.

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