Golden milk or turmeric milk is hailed as one of the healthiest drinks since
ancieent times. Made by adding turmeric powder or fresh turmeric root into
boiled milk, it is one of the staple drink in Indian households to fight minor
illnesses and also as a tonic for general health.
Below listed are some of the amazing benefits of turmeric milk.
Builds immunity
Turmeric milk is one of the most preferred health drink to improve general
immunity and to keep away diseases during the cold and flu season. Drink a
glass of turmeric milk in the morning or at night for preventing infectious
diseases with the drink’s antiviral and antibacterial effects.
Relieves respiratory tract infections
Golden milk is one of the commonly used traditional home remedy for cough,
cold and other respiratory tract infections. The spice helps boost mucus
production which naturally flushes out the microbes that are present in the
respiratory tract causing infections. Both the antiviral and antibacterial
properties along with the anti-inflammatory properties are at play here to help
relieve the symptoms.
Remedy for digestive issues
Regarded as an important culinary spice, turmeric helps improve digestion
while also relieving gas, bloating and heartburn resulting from gastric reflux. It
also increases the flow of bile which aids in the digestion of fat. A cup of
turmeric milk a day is an effective home remedy for loss of appetite and
indigestion. The drink is also used to prevent and treat gastrointestinal
infections and to get rid of worms, especially in children.
Liver tonic
Turmeric milk helps boost the liver function by reducing its toxic load which
includes environmental pollutants, chemical additives in processed foods and
medicines taken for diseases. The detoxifying action of turmeric is beneficial
for reducing the impact of these toxic substances on the liver tissue.
Blood purifier and natural detox
Turmeric has always been regarded as a good detoxifying agent by aiding in the
elimination of impurities in the blood and improving the function of the liver.

Also, the diuretic effects of turmeric helps eliminate these impurities and toxins
through urine.
Reduces arthritic pain
Turmeric milk is considered a highly effective herbal remedy for pains and
aches associated with conditions like arthritis. The anti-inflammatory benefits
provide relief to the pain and swelling due to arthritis. It also makes the joints
and muscles flexible, thereby reducing the pain.

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