Ayurveda defines immunity as the product of healthy digestion, strong digestive
fire, proper functioning of liver and a balanced endocrine system. The ancient
wisdom connects immunity to ojas or vigor which provides strength and vitality
to the body. Ojas is the essential part of all body tissues and is responsible for
overall health and energy, while also fighting and preventing infections and
diseases. It is said that the strength of ojas determines the factors that result in
Here are some practices to protect the ojas and bolster immunity.
Strengthen digestive fire
A strong digestive fire or agni promotes optimal health which in turns protects
ojas. And a diet to strengthen agni should be emphasized upon on healthy and
whole foods and should be devoid of refined sugars and processed foods. Eating
meals at regular intervals every day is also important to keep the digestive fire
Balance sleep
Sleep deprivation can compromise immunity and can lead to severe health
problems. Sound sleep for about 7 to 8 hours combined with sleeping and
waking up at same time every day balances the sleep cycle to promote
Minimize stress
Managing stress is vital for the immune response of the body as stress hormones
can suppress the immune system. A relaxed mind and body strengthens the
vigour and improves immunity.
Proper exercise improves blood circulation, strengthens digestive fire,
encourages elimination of toxins and provides sound sleep. All of these benefits
bolster the immune system and keep the body healthy.
5 Immunity building herbs according to Ayurveda –
It is one of the most effective immunity building herbs. Ashwagandha helps
balance the stress hormone levels and prevents the depletion of Vitamin C when
under stress.

Pounded Ashwagandha root in a small dosage can be added to a glass of warm
sweetened cow’s milk and consumed daily to build immunity.
Tulsi can reduce stress, balance metabolism, build stamina and strengthen
immunity. It is also a natural immune-modulator due to its high antioxidant
Tulsi can be consumed either in raw form or included in tea. Tulsi juice mixed
with a few drops of ginger and honey is an efficient remedy for immunity
Amla is a good source of Vitamin C which is vital for the immune system. It
also supports liver function by flushing out toxins, cleanses blood and promotes
the functioning of immune system.
Powdered Amla can be consumed together with honey and its juice can be taken
alone or with other juices to balance sourness.
Ginger is a good source of antioxidants and can help decrease aggravated
doshas. It also boosts immunity levels and can fight infections.
Ginger can be used in its raw, dried, powdered or juiced forms.
Due to its antibacterial and antiviral properties, neem can prevent and fight
infection. It can also purify blood, support liver functioning and detoxify.
A daily dose of neem with tulsi and ashwagandha will help fight stress and
build immunity.

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