The King of spices, black pepper is not only the widely used spice in the world
but also is hailed for the many health benefits it offers.
Here are the amazing health benefits of black pepper.
 Improves Digestive Health – Black pepper helps stimulate the digestive
juices and enzyme and thus promotes healthy digestion. When black
pepper is taken together with a meal it enhances the body’s ability to
break down and digest the food. The carminative properties of the spice
helps relieve stomach gas and flatulence.
 Promotes Weight Loss – The piperine compound in black pepper help
fight the formation of fat cells which aids in weight loss. Also, as black
pepper contains less calories, it makes a great addition to the weight loss
 Relieves Cold and Cough – Black pepper is known to stimulate
circulation and the mucous flow. And combining it with honey will help
enhance its effect as honey is a natural cough suppressant. Black pepper
also helps clear the respiratory tract and eases several other respiratory
ailments like whooping cough.
 Fights Infections – The antibacterial properties of black pepper help
prevent infection and spread of disease.
 Antioxidant Benefits – Antioxidant effects of the spice contributes to the
health in numerous ways. It fights the disease-causing free radicals and
boosts immunity.
 Improves Oral Health – Traditional oral health preparations often contain
black pepper as it help relieve toothache and oral infections. Pepper also
has anti-inflammatory properties which help treat gum inflammation.
Mixing black pepper with clove oil and applying on the affected area is
also considered beneficial.
 Exfoliates the skin – The spice can be used as a scrub to exfoliate the skin
and to remove dead skin cells to make the skin smoother. It also promotes
blood circulation and hence supplies more oxygen and nutrients to the

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